Bedroom Tax - Will Housing Benefit Cuts Affect Me?

From the 1st April 2013 the Welfare Reform Act comes into force, as part of the Act the Government will reduce the level of Housing Benefit you receive if you are of working age and are under occupying your home. This means if you live in a home that is too big for you your Housing Benefit will be reduced by up to 14% of the weekly rent for that property if you have one extra bedroom that isn't needed, and up to 25% if you have two extra bedrooms. These reductions, depending in your circumstances, could mean you lose a large amount of housing benefit.

If you think you will be affected by the Housing Benefit cut you can downsize to a smaller home. Moving house to a new property with the right number of bedrooms for you means you won't be affected by the cut and HomeSwapper can help you find a swap with someone who needs somewhere bigger to live.

For more information on the Welfare Reform Act you can visit:


Shelter - Changes to housing benefit and local housing allowance (LHA)

Direct Gov - Directgov Benefits adviser

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