Ending your tenancy?

Knowes Housing Association will ensure that void properties are repaired and re-let as quickly as possible to minimise the rent loss to the Association. A void is a property for which there is a current rent account, but for which no current tenancy exists.

The void management process will start when a signed and completed termination of tenancy form or letter has been received. Notice must be in writing. We will not accept verbal notice in persons or by phone, or notice by email.

When a tenant notifies the Association of their intention to terminate their tenancy either verbally or in writing, a Termination of Tenancy Form is issued to them to complete and return to the office. The Termination of Tenancy Form details the following:

  • Date of termination
  • Forwarding address
  • Details of gas and electricity suppliers
  • Arrangement for an End of Tenancy House Inspection which must be carried out prior to date of termination
  • A minimum of 28 days written notice must be given in accordance with the Tenancy Agreement (you should note that the 28 day notice period will commence from the date we receive your completed paperwork)

In the unfortunate event that you find yourself responsible for clearing property from a deceased relative’s tenancy, the Association requests that you clear the property within a two week period from the date of death and return all keys to the Association. The Association realises that this is a difficult and stressful time and will offer advice and support when required. It is essential to maintain regular contact with the Karen Grainger, Allocations Officer or a Housing Officer throughout this period.

Void Incentive Scheme

Details will be issued to all outgoing tenants about the Association’s Void Incentive Scheme which has been introduced to encourage tenants to remove all items from the property and leave it in a clean and tidy condition. More details of this scheme are contained in our Void Incentive Leaflet.

If you are terminating your tenancy, and wish to apply for a Void Incentive Payment, you will be required to complete our Void Incentive Application Form and return to the Association when handing in the keys for your tenancy.  If your application is successful, a cheque for £100 will be sent to your new address, therefore it is important that you provide us with details of your forwarding address.  If, for any reason, you do not qualify for this payment, we will write to you explaining why.

Property Inspection

You must also allow access for one of our Mainatainance Officers to carry out an inspection while you are still living in the property. This will allow us to advise you of any repairs that are your responsibility and provide you with any information or advice you may require prior to leaving. A full inspection is also carried out after you have moved to assess what work is required before a new tenant can move in. You will be notified of any repairs which are your responsibility and which you may be charged for.

Returning your keys

You must return 2 full sets of keys to the office (ie. 2 sets of house keys, 2 controlled entry keys and a back door key), otherwise they will be recharged the costs of changing the locks to the property. In cases when keys are returned after the proposed date of termination this will result in the outgoing tenant being charged rent up to this date. The date the keys are returned will become the final termination date.

All furniture, floor coverings and personal belongings must be removed from the property on or before the day your tenancy ends unless an agreement has been made with the Association to leave any items. Failure to do this will result in the Association assuming that you have abandoned these items and we will arrange for disposal. Costs for this work will be recharged to you.

Points to remember before leaving

  • Make sure your rent account is clear
  • Advise the Association of your forwarding address
  • Do not leave any items of rubbish behind as you will be charged for its removal
  • Do not leave any furniture or floor coverings behind (unless you have made prior arrangements with the Association)
  • Remove any fixtures or fittings you have installed without our written permission and put right any damage caused
  • Do not leave open gas pipes or live wires. Always used qualified tradesmen to remove appliances
  • Arrange for your mail to be forwarded to your new home
  • Arrange for your telephone to be disconnected
  • Inform agencies such as your bank, doctor, etc of your new address
  • Inform gas and electricity suppliers you are moving and take meter readings
  • If you have a key meter for electricity or a gas card meter, please ensure you leave both in the property as these are specifically for your meter Alternatively, you can return both to the Association with your keys
  • Leave your property empty, secure and in a clean condition

Useful Contacts

Home from Home, 3 Ash Road, Broadmeadow Industrial Estate     Tel: 01389 733737

West Dunbartonshire Council’s Cleansing Department                     Tel: 01389 738542

More information and advice on what you need to do when you are giving up your tenancy is available from the Association’s office.

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