Estate Issues

The definition of Estate Management can be found in the wording of the standard set by the Scottish Housing Regulator.  In Activity Standard 1.10 – Estate Management, the description states:

“We manage the environment around our properties and any common areas effectively, to ensure that the neighbourhood is an attractive, well-maintained and safe place to live”.

It is the aim of Knowes Housing Association to provide a comprehensive Estate Management service, which is effective in ensuring that the areas of Faifley and Duntocher are attractive, well maintained and safe to live in.

It is recognised that Estate Management is an important part of our service for all residents, and as such we aim to ensure that:

  • The housing stock and communal areas are managed and maintained to a high standard
  • All residents are satisfied with the service provided and with the estate in general
  • Tenancy Information and Advice is provided in a routine yet consistent manner
  • Co-operate and liaise with other partner agencies and contractors to ensure that services are provided to a high standard and to the satisfaction of both the residents and the Association

What is specifically covered by Estate Management?

The topics which can be considered as “Estate Management” are numerous and varied, although Knowes have different Policies and Procedures in place to deal with some of the more specific areas.  The following topics are regarded by Knowes as Estate Management issues:

  • Pets
  • Gardens
  • Common Areas
  • Bins & Dumping
  • Vehicles
  • Vandalism/Graffiti
  • Estate Visits & Close Inspections

The other topics referred to above may include Landscape and Grounds Maintenance, Neighbour Disputes, Void Management, Abandoned Houses, Garage/Lock-up Management and Tenancy Management (Succession, Mutual Exchange, Assignation etc) which are covered with other Policies and Procedures.

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