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Knowes currently have over 1000 properties in Faifley (map of Faifley), Duntocher and surrounding areas. A full list of streets we cover is detailed on the Knowes Housing Application Form.  Here is a list of our stock pofile.

We operate a Groups plus Points system which means applicants are awarded points for each "needs factor" recognised in our Allocation Policy. Housing Need is a general term used to describe inpiduals or households who benefit from being housed in accommodation which will alleviate specific factors such as overcrowding, homelessness or the current property being unsuitable due to medical reasons. Any applicant who feels they have a medical condition which is being made worse by their current accommodation should complete an Application for Medical Priority. If you are experiencing any social issues at your current accomodation, such as harrassment, victim of crime, or require to move to Faifley to receive or provide support you can apply for Social Points by completing the Social Points Application.

Knowes Housing Association recognises housing need factors and applicants are pointed within their appropriate group according to that need. There are however other groups where the applicants do not have a recognised housing need, but wish to move for other reasons, usually aspirational. We examine individual applicants' current housing circumstances and their requirements and our allocations reflect this.

In addition, we accept nominations from West Dunbartonshire Council for up to 50% of our available properties. To possibly benefit from a nomination, applicants should fill in West Dunbartonshire Council's application form and tick the box which asks if you wish to be nominated to Knowes Housing Association.

Everyone is accepted when Applying for a Knowes Tenancy, providing they are 16 or over although this does not guarantee that you will be offered housing with us. There are more people on our waiting list than we have properties to let. Applications are accepted from our tenants, tenants of other landlords, or applicants who do not have a house of their own anywhere in the United Kingdom and from applicants living abroad should the necessary visas, etc be in place.

From April 2013 the Government changed the rules on how much Housing Benefit you will be entitled to if you live in a local authority or housing association property, based on the size of property you rent. if you would like more information on this go to our Welfare Reform Page.

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