Medical Adaptations

Funding Arrangements

Each year the Association with the assistance of Scottish Government funding, carry out a wide range of medical adaptations which have been requested by tenants via the Occupational therapist.  The work is carried out to the homes of residents who are either elderly, infirm, have a disability or have a child with a disability.

The Association will bid for the estimated amount required for adaptations each financial year through the Strategy and Development Funding Plan. The Scottish Government will announce the level of adaptation funding which will be allocated to the Association for the year.  Once this funding has been used and drawn down, further discussions will take place with the Government regarding further funding allocations.  This can differ on a year-to-year basis.

Notification of Adaptations, Referrals and Prioritisation

All adaptation requests must be referred through West Dunbartonshire Council’s Occupational Therapist (O.T) using a CL1 form (with the appropriate priority grading) except in the case of hearing adaptations where a letter from the hearing specialist will suffice.  Any tenants requesting adaptations directly from the Association will be referred to the local O.T. (phone 0141 951 6161).   On occasion Knowes Housing Association may receive letters, directly from Social Workers or Hospitals, containing requests for adaptations such as moving handsets or handrails for discharge patients etc – these will be processed in the same way as CL1’s.  Should there be dubiety over priority in these cases then this will be discussed with the O.T.

Where the funding allocation from the Scottish Government is less than is required and the Association is unable to fund any further adaptations all new requests will be put on a waiting list based on level of priority and date of referral. The Association will advise the O.T. and the tenant of this in writing.

On completion of works the O.T. will be informed and the work will be subject to a post check carried out by our Technical Inspector, the result of which will be recorded in the medical adaptation register. You can view our Medical Adaptations Policy by clicking here 

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